From being a hobby, Singing has become a career for many.

Many a youngster who has God given gift of golden voice could not make real their dream of becoming a professional singer. Why?
Many talented youth broke down in desperation when they were not selected by the judges in the Cine Singer Contests. Why?
Why could not they impress the judges or the public?
Have they no hope?
Can’t they shine again?
Who can guide them?

If this is the question you have been asking, then OVTC is the right place for you! Do not depend on luck any more. Have the pluck to be what you always wanted to be – a Professional Singer! OVTC offers you expert guidance with time-tested techniques combined with the ambience loaded with latest- in- the field- technology. You needn’t strain yourself again. Just get your voice trained at OVTC.

Every voice is unique and beautiful with special traits and some limitations. It can be nourished and cultured here.

We will help you enhance the nicer traits of your voice and eliminate the bad voice habits. The nasal, shrill, squeaky, high-pitched, shaky voices can be trained to become mellifluous. Rich, pure and beautiful voice is within your reach!


NOTE : Able candidates will get opportunities to sing in albums and jingles during the course of the training. Movie chances are also possible in the near future. Even those with little knowledge of music can walk in for guidance and support.

VISION : Creating a platform for budding singers to train their voice in the right ambience with the support of traditional techniques flanked by science and technology.

MISSION : Transforming aspiring singers to become performing professionals.

THE GURU : The visionary founder of OVTC Thiru Gnana Sakthivel,M.A.(Vocal)., Dip Music(Hr)., is a born genius bestowed with rare blend of skills such as Music (Karnatic), Dance (Bharatham) and Painting. He has a proven track of successful music composition, vocal rendering and lyric creation. Professionally qualified as a vocalist he is the Founder and Director of Gurukulam Sabha Cultural Trust which is serving many youngsters to master their skills in Karnatic Music and Bharatha natyam. The Sabha is affiliated with IGNOU Delhi as its study centre for Music and Dance.

Shri Gnana Sakthivel’s mastership is the direct outcome of his strenuous training under Gurus like Ms.Lalitha Shankararaman (The then Guru of Ms. Jayalalitha, CM, T,Nadu), ‘Kalai Maamani’ Shri Herambanathan of Tanjore, Valangaiman K.Thiagarajan “Kalai Maamani” Guru R.Thaayumaanavan and Thiru Dekshinamoorthi Pillai of Pudukottai. His Skills at Nattuvangam, Mrudangam, violin and the keyboard together with the awe inspiring lyric writing that flows spontaneously from the soul enabled him to be a music composer of a fine quality.

Worshipful Mayor of Trichy Ms. Sharumathi Bala Thondaiman conferred on him the title “Thamizhisai Navalar”. Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam has honoured him with the title “Aasthaana Vidhwan” for the fine composition of the album on Shri Chandrasekarar. His talents and skills and achievements are recognized not only in our state but abroad as well. The Nritya Academy in Malaysia has honoured him with the title “Shatkalaa Saarathi”. Over 20 years of experience in Music composition, Dance direction and vocal rendering have motivated him to take up the very special service of offering professional help to aspiring singers. Thus came into being OVTC.


ELIGIBILITY : The candidates should have attained seventeen years of age with or without music knowledge.

Level I : Basics in Music (Theory & Practicals)
Level II : Pitching, Rhythms, Tempos
Level III : Breath control, Ranges of voice & Different Scales
Level IV : Cultural colour in music (Western, Hindustani, Karnatic & folk)
Level V : Voice Modulation,modification and correction to suit the flavour needed
Level VI : Creativity in vocal rendering (Professional stage performance - Classical /Light music concerts )
Level VII : Tune composition & Music arrangement
Level VIII : Overall Orchetral direction for visual media (Jingles / Short films/ feature filmsv)

NOTE : Candidates with previous knowledge of music can skip respecitive levels in the course.

Classes & Courses



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Air called oxygen keeps our body alive. Air called Music keeps our Soul alive. We don’t produce air called oxygen. But we...